Joan de la Malla

I am a biologist, specialised in organisms and systems, as well as a freelance photographer with an interest in nature, local communities and the environment. At present I am devoting my effort to conservation topics by working with national and international entities to report on the work they carry out. My photographs illustrate a vast number of books and I have worked for several magazines, organisations and for media at both a national and international level. My work has also been exposed worldwide in diverse individual and group exhibitions. Likewise, I frequently collaborate with IN COGNITA, a science communications agency, in the realisation of their audio-visual projects. I combine my professional activity with educational work by running a Postgraduate on Digital Photography (Postgrado de Fotografía Digital) at the Universitat Ramon Llull, in the faculty of La Salle. I give talks and conferences related to photography and its application in science and conservation in distinct centres and universities. I have broad files of photographs that I personally distribute through the prestigious agency Nature Picture Library.